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Hyundai Transmission Service

The Importance of the Transmission

Your transmission is a unit that, through a series of shafts and gears, connects the power that is produced by an engine to the wheels. There are two main types of transmissions, automatic transmissions, and manual transmissions. Automatic transmissions are capable of changing gears without driver input, while manual transmissions require the driver to change gears during acceleration and deceleration. There are many different types of manual and automatic transmissions available on the market, each type with their own set of uses.

Transmission Services

  • Transmission Inspection – If your vehicle’s transmission is showing signs of trouble, from difficulty shifting to odd noises to a slipping transmission, our certified technicians can inspect the transmission to find the root of the problem.
  • Transmission Fluid Exchange – Manual and automatic transmissions both have transmission fluid in them. The fluid keeps the transmission clean, cool, and adequately lubricated. However, over time, the transmission fluid gathers an increasing amount of debris and needs to be replaced. Dirty transmission fluid cannot lubricate and cool the transmission, ultimately leading to more problems for the transmission. We offer transmission fluid exchange services at Happy Hyundai, replacing old transmission fluid with fresh new fluid.
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  • Transmission Replacement – A damaged transmission can prevent a car from moving entirely and will need to be replaced in order to get a car back on the road. Grinding noises, inability to change gears, leaking transmission fluid and a burning smell coming from the transmission are all signs that the transmission is having issues. While we hope that our customers do not have serious transmission problems, we offer transmission replacement services for when they are needed. We replace all of the parts in your engine with genuine original parts from Hyundai.
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Happy Hyundai Certified Service

If you are looking for Hyundai transmission services in Oak Lawn, we are here to serve you. We offer our services to guests from Oak Lawn, Chicago, Orland Park, Cicero, Blue Island, and the many areas that surround Cook County, Illinois. The skilled technicians that work on Hyundai models at our dealership replace our customers’ old parts with quality OEM parts from Hyundai. As you wait for your vehicle to be completed at Happy Hyundai, you will have access to many enjoyable complimentary services. We are awaiting your visit and hope to provide you with our great services soon.

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