Premium vs. Regular Gasoline

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Is it necessary to use premium gas in your new Hyundai vehicle, or can you get by with regular gas instead? We explore the benefits of premium vs. regular gasoline to help you decide if the extra expense of opting for the good stuff is worth it to you.

Difference Between Premium and Regular Gasoline

If you’ve filled up your vehicle in Downers Grove lately, you’ve seen the numbers on the pump designating whether the fuel type is regular, midgrade, or premium. Those numbers are the gasoline’s octane rating. While the numbers can vary from state to state, in general, the higher the octane rating, the more likely the fuel is to fire when it’s supposed to, making premium fuel more reliable and, because of the additives and additional refining necessary to create that higher-octane blend, more expensive too.

Benefits of Premium vs. Regular Gasoline

Most new Hyundai vehicles do just fine on cheaper, low-octane fuel, and can run for years without any issues. However, there are instances where saving a few cents on a gallon of gas could have repercussions down the road.

Lower octane fuel can, in some vehicles, fire prematurely, causing a knocking or pinging in the engine. While most new vehicles have sensors to help limit this issue, over time, mistimed combustion can cause damage to the engine and hasten the vehicle’s eventual demise.

For older vehicles, many carbureted vehicles, turbocharged engines, and high-performance engines, higher octane fuel (premium) could be required for peak performance, optimum fuel efficiency, and to meet the conditions of the vehicle warranty. In this case, using only high-octane fuel will ensure you get the performance for which your vehicle was designed. Additionally, it'll save you a costly repair visit and a potentially voided new vehicle warranty.

Knowing if Your Vehicle Needs Premium

Understanding which fuel grade is right for your Hyundai vehicle is easy. Simply check your new vehicle manual for the recommended octane for your vehicle or contact us at Oak Lawn Happy Hyundai. We’ll be happy to help you find it. To learn more or to schedule a test drive near Tinley Park in the Hyundai of your choice, stop by and see us today.

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