How Can I Improve My Fuel Efficiency?

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The Hyundai gas mileage is impressive as is, but did you know that there are ways to improve your fuel efficiency even more? Good driving habits can go a long way toward better fuel economy, and luckily, it's not hard to make a few tweaks to your routine to squeeze out a few extra miles out of each tank. Where can you make improvements? Take a look at our top tips to improve your fuel efficiency!

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Learning how to maximize your fuel efficiency can be a fun challenge. Try out a few of these tips the next time you go on an errand!

  • Drive cautiously. Slamming on the gas pedal or the brakes puts extra strain on your engine, which means more fuel. The more gentle your driving, the better your mileage.
  • Try to avoid idling when you can. Particularly in the winters, many Illinois drivers warm up the car in the driveway to save time. Try reducing your warm-up time to save fuel.
  • If possible, schedule your fuel-ups for the morning instead of the evening. Gas is actually slightly denser in the cooler mornings, which means you can save a little money!


You can drive perfectly everyday and still suffer from lower efficiency levels if you neglect routine maintenance. What services do you need to prioritize if you want the best Hyundai gas mileage?

  • If you change your own oil, be sure to check your manual or ask an expert for the proper motor oil to use for your particular car. This will ensure the best performance.
  • Don't forget about the air filter! Did you know that a filter change can improve your mileage by up to 15 percent? Consider scheduling an oil and filter change if it's been awhile.
  • Weight influences your fuel economy tremendously, so wheels and tires can make a big difference. Lightweight alloys can cut down on your vehicle's weight, and properly inflated tires will contribute to higher mileage as well.

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